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The 8 Worst Christmas Gifts That I Have Ever Received

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The only thing I love better about receiving gifts is giving gifts for Christmas, but make no mistake I still love receiving gifts, hint, hint. It is a tradition earner family that the adults try to give each other another at least one joke gift. What follows is the worst guess that I have received in the past few years.


The Toilet Paper iPod Holder

Actually this might be a pretty useful gift, but seeing that I have a Zune it benefits me in no way.


The DVD Re-winder

I thought this gift was pretty funny, funnier still was that I got to watch my brother spent two hours trying to make it work after I told him it was broken.


The Situation

I would expect this gift from my older brother who was calls me “Gaylord” on the daily basis. But coming from my cousin, who constantly asks is if I’m dating a nice girl and always wonders why I never married, I tend to think differently.



I know my uncle was trying to call me a little girl by confirming a woman’s deodorant but actually tried it and in the very hot Arizona summers it does make me feel confident. So thank you and uncle James!



I thought the slippers were kind of cute that is until the faces on the front of the slippers freaked my dog out and he attacked my feet. The slippers were destroyed, I had to get eight stitches and now my dog has a taste for human blood.


Dog Shoes

What the what? Sure I take my dogs home walks around the block but I never take my dog for a walk across hot coals or broken glass.


The Beer Belt

At first this gift seemed like a good idea but the experience default into my buddies constantly grabbing fresh beer from my belt and making me go to the refrigerator to replenish my belt.


The Fruitcake

It’s a fruitcake! No one likes a fruitcake! Nobody will eat fruitcake, unless you’re drunk and don’t know better. And then you will probably eat the entire thing and be sick.

What's the worst Christmas or Hanukkah gift that you have ever gotten?


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