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8 Worst Moms In History

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Moms are supposed to bring you hot chocolate when its cold and orange juice when you're sick. They're supposed to sing you to sleep and bake you brownies when your friends come over. But some moms don't bring you orange juice when you're sick, some moms bring you a severed head in a basket instead. These are the top 8 worst moms in history and they are not great moms, let me tell you.


Katherine Knight

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This Australian Mom killed her husband, cut off his head and made a soup out of it, then baked his buttocks and served the meal to her children. Think about that the next time you're mad at your mom for making meatloaf again.


Marie Noe

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Marie Noe killed eight of her ten children before pleading guilty in 1999 to their deaths. I heard her other two children, on account of the guilt she felt for murdering their eight brothers and sisters, received race car beds.


Mary Ann Cotton

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After getting married in 1852 Mary Ann Cotton spent the rest of her life moving around New England having children and then poisoning them with arsenic for the insurance money until she was hanged for her crimes. Though she did murder all twelve of her children with poison, they probably got to stay up late to watch Letterman. You be the judge.


Whatever Mom Took This Picture

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What's even more shocking about this picture is that right before she took it she for no apparent reason filled her baby's diaper with crocodile food.


Betty Draper

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Betty treats her daughter like adult enemy that's out to get her. She is cold, selfish, and spends most of her time outside chain smoking cigarettes and firing rifles at birds while her daughter sits in her empty room alone pretending her walls are her friends.



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Eve straight up boned the whole human race by eating an apple full of all the knowledge god didn't want us to have. Sure the knowledge was all awesome knowledge, like who Nicholas Cage was dating, and what Megan Fox likes her boobs to smell like, but God was pretty emphatic about us not knowing it. Thanks a lot, first Mom.


Norman Bates's Mom

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She treated her son so badly that when she died he kept her corpse in his house and dressed like her and killed women. Let this be a lesson to mothers, I know you think it's a good idea to constantly berate your son and make him wear your clothes and bring your food, but it's totally not.


Cooking Mama

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She's known as a great chef, but Cooking Mama has an obsession with cooking that crossed over into madness. She never would feed her children until the dish was JUUUUUST right, and that never happened. They starved.


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