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The 8 Worst Music Collaborations of All Time!

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Sometimes music collaborations are great. They give two fantastic music makers the opportunity to work together and create a masterpiece. Queen and David Bowie. The Traveling Wilburys. Kanye and Jay-Z. Sometimes they don’t work out so well and make us want to stab our ears out. Here are the worst music collaborations:


The Beach Boys and The Fat Boys – Wipeout

The Fat Boys got The Beach Boys to sing on this abysmal cover of the classic surf song Wipeout. I don’t think anyone told The Fat Boys that this isn’t a Beach Boys song. Of course, the Beach Boys didn’t say anything because they wanted that paycheck!


Chad Kroeger and Josey Scott – Hero

Luckily they saved this song until the credits so they didn’t ruin Spiderman with it. The saddest thing about this song is that this is Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger’s best song.


Weezer and Lil Wayne – Can’t Stop Partying

If anyone was wondering if Weezer still had any street cred then all you need to do is take a listen to this track. This is the final fail nail in the douche coffin.


Lynryd Skynyrd and Mike Huckabee – Sweet Home Alabama

What do you get when you combine a failed Presidential candidate with two of the surviving members of a band that should have retired twenty years ago? A song that sounds like an 8th grade cover band.


Nelly and Tim McGraw – Over And Over

There’s only one place left on the planet that plays this song in heavy rotation: the McDonald’s where Nelly works. When you’re the assistant manager, you get to make those kinds of important decisions. They’re not actually on screen at the same time. Do you think they even knew the other was in the song?


Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy – What’s Up With You?

This came out well in to Michael Jackson’s crazy period. A mighty usurper should have come along and taken his King Of Pop throne after he dumped this royal crap.



Justin Bieber And Ludacris – All Around The World

Justin Bieber is the worst. We all know it. Even animals know it. Not even rap genius Ludacris could save this abysmal Britney Spears rip-off.


The Jonas Brothers and Common – Don’t Charge Me For The Crime

The Jonas Brothers are like super duper hard gangsters you guys. Like for real. No really, they are. No seriously. Super extra duper hard. Was this a song collaboration or an elaborate trick to rob the Jonas Brothers?


What are some other bad music collaborations? Let me know @zachlunch or tell us in the comments!


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