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The 8 WORST Summer Songs!

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A good summer play list is the most important factor to having a really great pool party or beach bonanza. If you don't have the right tunes, then no one is going to stick around. We wanted to tip you off to some songs you probably shouldn't put on. Here are the 8 Worst Summer Songs.


Cruising California (Bumpin' In My Trunk) – The Offspring

The Offspring used to sing songs about violence and rebellion. This new song sounds like it was rejected by Miley Cyrus. And if you didn't think it was offensive enough, they include a reference to The Ramones' Blitzkreig Bop. Hey Ho! This Blows!


Say Cheese It's Funner – Chuck E. Cheese

This isn't your grandma's Chuck E. Cheese. He's got a new look, a new attitude, and a new voice. That voice is Bowling For Soup front man, Jaret Reddick. The Chuck E. Cheese website calls this a sing-a-along summer jam. If you play this, it will probably turn in to a punch-a-long bummer jam. You didn't really need all those teeth did you?


Summer Song – Forever The Sickest Kids

This band sounds like New Found Glory except without being all tough and scary. The song says that this summer is one to remember. Unfortunately for them, this song is one to forget.


Summer Breeze – The Isley Brothers

The Isley Brothers took this Seals and Crofts song and decided to give it a harder edge. That's right. This is the "hard" version of this song. It may sound familiar because a lot of you were probably conceived to this song.


California Gurls – Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg sounds kind of confused on this song. I'm not sure that he even knew he was on it. They just recorded him talking at a party. This song was popular when it came out two years ago, but anyone with self respect shouldn't be rocking this summer jam in 2012.


Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini – Bryan Hyland

This song on repeat is the soundtrack of Hell.


Rock The Boat – The Hues Corporation

There is only one reason to play this song at your summer party. It's so bad that it should be the new Rick Roll of summer 2012. Boat Roll all of your friends. They'll never expect it, and you'll laugh and laugh. Then everyone will leave, and you'll cry and cry.


Summer Girls – LFO (Lyte Funkie Ones)

This may not just be the worst summer song. This might be the worst song of all time. I don't have a problem with white dudes rapping. I do have a problem with these dudes rapping. This song is a crime and their sentence should be having to listen to Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini on repeat for the rest of eternity.


What summer songs do you think are the worst? Let me know on twitter @zachlunch or in the comments below!


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