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9 Amazing Ways To Use Duct Tape

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I’m not one to do home repairs, or repairs of any kind for that matter, as I tend to be mechanically challenged.

At a very young age I was introduced to the beauty in art of duct tape repairs. You can do just about anything with duct tape and trust me, I've done just about everything you can do with it. Here are some awesome duct tape creations that you might want to try making yourself!


Duct Tape Headlamp

From time to time we have all needed a little extra light and did not have enough hands to hold a flashlight hopefully with this invention you will be able to finish those car repairs that you have putting off. Also, it's also obviously a chick magnet. Bonus points!


Duct Tape Shoes

Conflicted with my well-known hatred of feet is my also well-known love of being cheap, so when I found a way to make shoes on the cheap I went for it.


Duct Tape Car Repairs

When the defroster in your car goes out you are faced with two choices… A costly repair OR an ingenious adaptation of duct tape. My choice was a visibly clear (pun intended).


Duct Tape Baby Holder

Got your hands full? Need to keep baby safe and out of harms way while you get some stuff done? Try this handy, dandy duct tape baby holder. Stick baby to the wall and get things done!


Duct Tape Beer Handle

A frosty cold beer Is every man’s friend… but nobody likes pseudo-frostbitten fingers from holding the beer. As always it is duct taped to the rescue.


Duct Tape iPad Holder

I love it when old technology meets new technology. Besides after buying an iPad you probably won't have a lot of money left in your pocket to afford a fancy new case or holder. That's when you whip out the duct tape and get to work.


Duct Tape Girdle

Trying to hide those excess pounds? Low on cash? Fear not! Duct tape works better than Spanks for slimming and trimming and costs almost nothing.


Duct Tape Camera Case

It never fails. Your old camera case falls apart and they're expensive to replace… well not anymore. You can make one out of duct tape!


Hands-Free Headset

Driving while holding a phone is very dangerous… not everyone can afford the Jupiter Jack.

Duct tape can be used for many different things and is useful for thousands of purposes…

Except building a canoe.

What other things can you make out of duct tape? Tell me in the comments below!


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