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9 Bands We Wish Had Broken Up Instead Of The White Stripes

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The White Stripes have officially called it quits.

Jack and Meg have declared that the White Stripes, "has officially ended and will make no further recordings or perform live."

They wrote on their website that the reason isn't because they aren't getting along or anything like that, "It is for a myriad of reasons, but mostly to preserve what is beautiful and special about the band and have it stay that way."

The band hasn't recorded anything new in about 4 years but I don't care. Make it don't be true! The Whites Stripes are awesome! Why do all the great bands break up and all the shitty bands continue to thrive? There are so many other bands that I'd rather see breaking up than the White Stripes.

Such as…



It's as if a bunch of bad bands joined together and got an ugly version of Kurt Cobain (with a bad perm) to be their lead singer. Their music makes music seem dumb. Like, if I came here from another planet and the only think I heard was Nickleback, I'd think "Man, music sucks." Why can't they break up instead?


Cali Swag District

Teach me how to Dougie? What the hell is a Dougie? For those of you who don't know, it's a really lame dance like the Macarena. They sound like some kind of After School Special band from the 80's. Why can't God break THEM up instead?


Good Charlotte

There is nothing good about Good Charlotte. Their guitar players can barely play and the lead singers voice is totally annoying. They have NO sense of humor, their songs suck, and yet they continue to thrive! It's just not fair.



The only good thing about Creed is that the mutual hatred of Creed brings people closer together, that's the only explanation for why they are still around.



If you can even get past the lame name you'll find that the singing sucks, and they have lame easy riffs that my little brother could make-up on his guitar, and yet this band will probably last forever because… why leave? Where else are they gonna go? What else are they gonna do? It's not like anyone else wants to play or collaborate with them.


The Jonas Brothers

Don't even get me started.


One Republic

They couldn't come up with an original song or video to save their lives. Everything they do has been done before by someone else better. Why God! Why not break them up instead?



They are only popular because of their looks. For some reason, some girls think they are hot. Their dance moves are the worst! Who ever told them that they could dance? What ever happened to having real talent?


Justin Bieber

I literally wish Justin Bieber would break up… like into pieces… a million pieces. But so far, no luck. He's totally intact. No chance of him breaking up.

What other bands would you rather have break up than the White Stripes? Let me know who and why in the comments below.


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