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9 Cartoons That Need A Reboot

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So recently The Cartoon Network brought back the super rad classic 80s cartoon Thundercats and it was a pretty good call on their part because ratings have been solid.  With the added bonus of a whole new generation of young girls being able to experience disturbing crushes on Lion-O. It wasn't just me, right? I can't be the only Thundercat HO! Now with the soon to be revival of Beavis and Butthead on the way…it got me thinking of what other animated series I'd like to see get a reboot. Here's my by-no-means-complete list of animated series I'd like to see back on the tube!


The Powerpuff Girls


I think the world can always use a little more girl power!  I mean as long as it isn't a Spice Girls reunion tour.  Their kind of faux girl power makes Buttercup rage puke.


Ren And Stimpy


Dirty jokes? Glorified violence? A Psychotic Chihuahua? This show had everything a 'kid's' show should have! And anything that makes parental groups get their panties in a bunch is okay in my book! (Yes, I know there was the 2003 Spike TV reboot, but that is better left forgotten) 




Any show that was inspired by the great Looney Tunes cartoons is probably gonna be pretty great. Especially when it's executive produced by Steven Spielberg. Hell-o-o Nurse!  Plus it spawned Pinky and the Brain. If it makes a comeback, who knows what other greatness it might 'Spew!'


Ed, Edd And Eddy


I miss these lovable scheming dopes! And I want them back in my life! Not just as a fond memory I have every time I eat things that turn my tongue a color or pudding skin.


Avatar: The Last Airbender


Seriously?? We need this reboot just to get the terrible taste of the Shyamaylan movie out of our mouths!  While we wait for a reboot we’ll just have to put up with the upcoming spinoff, the Legend of Korra.


Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends


This show was just pure sweetness! And it had a truly inspired concept.  I related to it completely, even though they didn't have a character similar to my childhood imaginary friend. I guess a cross between the demonic rabbit from Donnie Darko and a Care Bear wasn't 'family friendly'. I miss you Raincloud!


Kim Possible


At the very least we should get a Rufus spin-off! Actually I'd be satisfied with a Bueno Nacho IRL. Tacos bueno! I would totally belong to Bueno Nacho! Si!


Clone High


A parody of teen dramas starring clones of historical figures?  Uh, hell yeah!  So let me get this straight…a show that includes a horndog JFK and a character that's a cross between Ponce de Leon and Fonzie gets 13 episodes and  One Tree Hill gets 174+???  Teen Ghandi is hotter than Chad Michael Murray will ever be. Hollywood, you should be ashamed of yourself.




I don't want them All Grown Up. I want them tiny trouble-making tots forever. It's animation people! See Maggie Simpson.

There's like a million more cartoons they need to bring back! Which animated series would you like to see back in action? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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