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9 Coolest Librarians In Pop Culture

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Remember libraries? No, not those quiet, stuffy places bums go to poop. Well yes those places, but they are so much more than that! For one these forests are tended to by the world’s greatest adventurers. It’s true. Librarians! They’re on the frontlines of infinite knowledge and the keepers of spectacular journeys soon to be. They are the most precise search engines in a pencil skirt and/or tie able to find you the one right answer instead of thousands of blind guesses. You want a weapon? Books! The best weapons in the world! And these folk are in charge of the arsenal, respect must be paid (along with all late fees).


Rupert Giles, Buffy The Vampire Slayer

rupert giles buffy


For someone called a Watcher, Giles is less concerned with watching the world go by like so many cups of tea and more an active participant in Sunnydale’s many adventures. He is integral to the Buffyverse, acting as a father figure to Buffy and the whole Scooby gang. His past is filled with dark secrets, making this librarian a ripping good time when he lets his glasses down.


Flynn Carsen, The Librarian

librarian noah wyle


Flynn has one hand on a book and the other buckling swashes, scouring the worlds for mystical artifacts that need protecting at his library. Kind of a Warehouse 13 pre-Warehouse, Flynn takes the vast knowledge he earned through academia in the adventurous pursuit of objects of magical consequence.


Evelyn Carnahan, The Mummy

mummy evie carnahan


Brains, beauty and a death wish, these are the makings of a great hero. Evelyn, her brother and Brendan Fraser pre-thousand yard stare make up a plucky team in the lucrative pulp franchise of The Mummy. But it’s Evelyn’s ingenuity that really saves the day.


Lucien, The Sandman Series

lucien sandman comic


Ever have a story you dreamed up and then forgot when your alarm buzzed you out of bed? Well what if all your unwritten stories we’re bound into volumes and placed into a library outside of time and the waking world? That’s where you’ll find Lucien, the keeper of mankind’s literary works and blueprints in the land of dreams. I bet the Adult section is HUGE.



Mary, Party Girl

parker posey party


Better living through the Dewey Decimal System. Mary the fabulous New York club fixture is forced to take control of her life of partying by becoming a librarian to pay off a debt. Instead of descending into cliché frumpery she earnestly takes to the library world by not compromising her flashy ways. With Mary, the library is always open darlings because reading is fundamental – and she will…

reading to filth



The Obsolete Man, The Twilight Zone

bw obsolete man


Burgess Meredith is the last librarian left in a dystopian future where if you are deemed obsolete you are put to death. Knowing full well that a person who loves books and learning could never be obsolete, he asks to televise his execution to make a point about how he lived and what should be cherished in society. I wont tell you how it ends (NETFLIX THAT ISH), but you’ll never tangle with a librarian after you see it.


Mr. Dewey, Pagemaster

dewey pagemaster


Mr. Dewey ( as in decimal) is wish fulfillment for every librarian that ever had to deal with a brat not interested in reading. Sure, don’t appreciate my library, I’m just going to orchestrate you bashing your skull so that you hallucinate so hard that you get a library card tattooed on your face (metaphorically speaking).


Yomiko Readman, Read or Die

yomiko readman anime


Though not a librarian formally, Yomiko is an agent classified as “Paper” of The British Library, an organization that seeks “Peace to the books of the world, an iron hammer to those who would abuse them, and glory and wisdom to the British Empire!” Yomiko uses her supernatural ability to control and influence paper, so just like your usual librarian, always after that paper.


Barbara Gordon (aka Batgirl), Batman Comics

batman Barbara gordon


Easy to forget but Ms. Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl, spends her off hours from fighting crime shushing patrons at Gotham City Public Library. She is the is the librarian Gotham deserves.


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