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9 Fashion Fusions That Just Don’t Work!

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America is all about different things coming together. Liberty and democracy. Chocolate and peanut butter. Natalie Portman and me (hoping!) Combining already good things into great things is what our country does best. They even have drinks now where two great things are fused together. Strawberry with Melon? Peach with MANGO? It’s somehow 3 times as berrylicious.

While some fusions are GREAT, others just don’t quite click. Meddling with sea life gets to things like the Sharktopus, and meddling with fashion gets you, well… these things.


Daisy Dukes were meant for, well, Daisy Duke. Are YOU Daisy Duke? Yeah, I thought not.


In this man’s defense, pretty much anything plus Cosby sweater is bad news. Except Jello.


I talked to a doctor, and this is the actual medical formula for Ke$ha. I tried to replicate it myself but just got glitter poisoning.


This might be a cool look if you are shy about your beard.


Rihanna normally looks beautiful, but sometimes she looks like she got fashion-mugged by some clowns.


I’m not sure “severed bear head” goes with anything, really…


How is it possible to make white leggings MORE stupid? HOW?


And here I thought swords made EVERYTHING better.


This guy is WAY to excited to look the way he does.

For a fusion that DOES work I recommend mixing business with pleasure, or any of the delicious FUZE flavors.

What are some other fashion fusions you hate?


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