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9 Magazine Photoshop Fails That Will Hurt The Eyes

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Anyone who has ever tinkered with Photoshop knows how easy it is to take an image from “Okay” to “Oh God, no!”  But you'd think professional graphic artists would know better!  I can't believe people got paid for this!


Hey now!

Now is not the time to be playing Pocket Pool [link]


Is that what they call a ten-head?

Don’t worry you will only see this little princess in Europe. [Link]



Staying connected can be hard, but this is a little extreme. [Link]



Does my head look big in this? [Link]


She Looked Better Before.

Running a High Femur? [Link]


The Invisible Girl

I only want to hold your hand; everything else will have to wait. [Link



Up as high as the eye can see [Link]


Do.Not. Want.

Bulimic Alien [Link


What is up with the girl on the right?

Adjustable Body Parts (necking) [Link

To see more atrocities head on over to PSD or you can check out the PSD Facebook page for other images not shown on the website.