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9 Movies So Horrible They Are Hilarious

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The only thing better that comedies are unintentional comedies, movies so bad that they're good. If you learn one thing from this, it should be that you should enjoy every movie, even the worst ones, because those are the funniest. I recommend watching these with all of your friends; it only makes them funnier.


Glen or Glenda


Ed Wood is the quintessential best-worst filmmaker. "Glen or Glenda" was directed, written, and starred by Wood himself (or herself), this is my favorite worst film of all-time. Between the Devil at the wedding, the spontaneous passing cars, and the creepy narrator, this is the most bazaar thing I've ever seen, right after Lady Gaga's meat dress. What could be better than an engaged transvestite trying to fit into 1953 high-class society?


The Happening

"The Happening" defnitely happened. Mark Wahlberg, Zoey Deschanel, and John Leguizamo: What could be so bad? M. Night Shyamalon, he's really an incredible director. I say this because I truly can't think of another one who can transform perfectly good actors into garbage. Maybe it was the script-writer's fault- oh wait, that's him too.


Plan 9 From Outer Space

Ed Wood again, but this time, he's in space, and he's got a plan. The ninth plan from outer space, to be specific. Probably Shyamalon's idol, Ed Wood thrived with his cardboard props, completely irrational characters, and very creative names. Run away from Vampira!


Troll 2

There was a full-length documentary made about "Troll 2" this called "Best Worst Movie", where for two straight hours everyone involved with the film talked about how bad it was. You could make a better movie than this. And you can't, you should go to jail.


Sleepaway Camp

"Sleepaway Camp" was the movie with the weirdest woman I've ever seen in my life (and no, it's not Ke$ha). The thought of her literally haunted me for a week after watching it. The entire movie is pretty much your typical crappy horror film, minus the ending. It will scar you for life.



"Twilight" can burn. I was forced into seeing this with some friends when it first came out, and halfway through, I was asked to stop laughing by a vicious six-year-old. However, even though I make fun of it, I did learn a very important life lesson from Kristen Stewart: If someone has cold skin, is strong, and can run fast, then they're definitely a vampire. Side note:  Harvard students wrote a parody of Twilight called "Nightlight". It's a must-read.


High School Musical 2

Just like any typical American high school, East High's students all enjoy randomly breaking into song and dance. And just like many sequels are, this High School Musical is worse than the first. How is that even possible? Well, it has one of the funniest scenes in any musical ever: Zac Efron doing a little march across a golf course with artificial wind blowing into his hair. He is so girly that for a second I thought he was Justin Bieber.


Satan's School for Girls

In "Satan's School for Girls" a girl tries find why her sister committed suicide. Then more people commit suicide. Then the school principal is scared. Then she falls in love with the art teacher. Then more people die. Then the sister makes a lot of bad choices. Then the Devil turns out to just be a cult leader. But hey, look on the bright side, at least there's Kool-Aid! To find out which character the Devil is, legally watch the entire movie for free on YouTube.


Hercules in New York

"Hercules in New York" was the Governator’s first movie. Everything about it is so horrible: the acting, the jokes, and the gods’ super powers. The DVD case advertises “Arnold’s Real Voice!” which is also a plus. I heard that when it first came out, they used Morgan Freeman’s voice. Please just do yourself a favor and watch this.


What are your favorite horrible movies? Let us know in the comments!


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