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9 Real Ways To Save Money On School Supplies

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 Are you sitting down? I have some bad news. Summer is almost over. Worse than that, school is starting up again soon. I’m sorry. However, if you HAVE to go back to school, you might as well do it as cheaply as possible. I mean, we’re saving up for a Wii U, so let’s not get too into this school thing. Here are 9 real ways to save money on school supplies this year.


1. Use What You Already Have


Chances are, you’ve been going to school for a while now. How many years in a row do you need a new 3 ring binder? Before you hit the store, check last year’s backpack, the junk drawer, and the bomb shelter, and make sure you aren’t doubling up on things you already have.


2. Live In The Right State (In America)


17 states have “no tax week” where many items, especially back to school supplies, are exempt from sales taxes. So if you live in Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas or Virginia, check and see when your state’s “no tax week” happens. If you are going back to school someplace like Ohio or Norway, you are screwed!


3. Shop Around


Your local big box or office supply store will have notebooks or backpacks, but there’s a good chance someplace like your local Walgreens has the same thing for less. Check out the websites and fliers of various stores to see who really has the best deal. Plus, Walgreens is more likely to sell candy.


4. Use Twitter


Twitter can be so much more than a place to tell strangers what you ate for lunch and how much you love Justin Bieber. Many major retailers will share sales and discounts with their Twitter followers.


5. Used Is The New New


When you get to college, you’ll quickly learn that there’s almost nothing as expensive as college text books. Seriously, it feels like it would be cheaper to buy gold bricks and bribe your way to graduation. That’s why USED is your friend. Getting to the book store early and getting a good used copy of a book can save you some major scrilla. Also, check online for used book deals or even places to rent books. Another bonus, sometimes someone smarter than you went through and took notes already.


6. Shop Late


This is an easy one… just put some of your shopping off. If you have enough paper and #2 pencils to get through the first couple weeks, hit the stores AFTER school has already started, then pick up binder paper and spiral notebooks and pens at a discount. This one is easy, because really, you weren’t going to go shopping on time anyway.


7. Shop REALLY Late


You never know when a key school supply is going to go on sale. When January rolls around, keep an eye for discounts on things like backpacks or laptops.


8. Get Thrifty


Thrift stores aren’t just for getting a stupid hat for a last minute, half-assed Halloween costume. They sell real clothes there too, sometimes even cool, vintage clothing unlike what you would find in a regular store. So if you are looking for a way to stand out AND a way to save some cash, it’s worth checking out. Except don’t get underwear. That needs to be new, for sure.


9. Jedi Mind Tricks


“No, you want me to have these shoes at half price.” (Please let me know if this works for you. I just keep on getting kicked out of places. It’s like I put on my robes for nothing)

How do you save money on School supplies? How crazy it is that summer is almost over already?

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