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9 Reasons Project Runway Is A Dumb Show

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Let's be real. Does anyone really watch Project Runway to see amazing fashion in action or do they watch it to see the “designers” crash and burn on the runway with their heinous creations? If you are an authentic Project Runway fan and you followed your beloved show all the way down from Bravo to Lifetime, you should probably skip this post.


Michael Kors Is Not A Good Designer!


I mean he made this monstrosity. What is this? It’s like if there was a Barbie called “Louisiana Swamp Barbie” this would be her impractical little shoe. Not to mention, he never wears anything interesting and his face always looks like he smells poop.


Everyone Is Always Wearing Vests!


I thought when the Backstreet Boys were no longer famous, we all understood that a man in a tight vest was repulsive. Who decided this look was a good idea? Everyone on this show is either making a ridiculous vest, or wearing one.


This Guy


First of all, Christian Siriano is wearing a vest that he designed. Case in point. Additionally he looks like an early photo of Daniel Radcliff when he went from being a little boy to a teenager and tried to dress cool. I can’t even believe this guy is still designing clothes.


Tim Gunn?


Tim Gunn looks like he should be participating in Republican debate not advising the design of fashion. Couldn’t he at least wear interesting glasses? He should just stick with his old job as creative director of Liz Claiborne. Literally the least creative brand I’ve ever seen.


Nobody Likes Nina Garcia


She is just creepy and seems like she has deep evil secrets.


There Have Been NINE Seasons…


… and I can't name a single famous designer from the show. Except for that one mentioned in #3 and the fat guy who makes wacky outfits on his Bravo spin off show.


The Show Got Kicked Off Of Bravo…And Moved To Lifetime


It’s basically like saying “These designers are so mediocre and boring that they are only appropriate for basic cable.” Can’t argue there.


Things Like This Get Made


Disturbed. What is that color/material? It’s not even about the fact that this is on a man. Additionally, what is the designer wearing?? Why is he wearing those jeans with fake wrinkle lines that all point to his crotch? Why is his cheesy t-shirt tucked in? This image is a nightmare.


Or things like this. I call them: “Fanboobz, solo cup fantasy and attack of the growing white crotch monster”. Still not convinced?


Nuff said.


Also Things Like This Happen. WTF!?


ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Is this a fashion show or the line at Dunkin Donuts?

What is your favorite bad Project Runway Design? Let us know in the comments!

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