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9 Sexiest Dads In The World

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What happens when incredibly hot people get together with other incredibly hot people? They procreate future generations of irresistibly cool and good looking children, while still maintaining their unimaginable hotness. Why is this? How does this happen? Look – as long as I’m able to gaze into their eyes, or learn from their unimaginable cool factor, I don’t need to know.

Luckily for you, I’ve scoured the internet for a collection of super hot Dads and a pretty kick-ass Mom. Enjoy!


1. Brad Pitt

Look, I had to start off this list with a bang; Brad Pitt [by himself] redefines hotness, he makes grown men cry in jealous agony; he makes scraggly beards not only acceptable, but irresistible. Now if only I could fast forward 5 or 10 years to see just how beautiful the babies he made with Angelina Jolie turn out to be (you know they’re going to be supermodels of the world).


2. Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl as a man has it all: an incredible sense of humor, an insane ability to rock, and a kick-ass mane of hair. Dave Grohl as a Dad is even better, can you imagine bedtime stories in his voice? Lullaby songs with his rockin’ vocals? And the humility to get up onstage in front of thousands of toddlers at “Yo Gabba Gabba Live” and kick ass in the Peanut Butter Stomp? Yeah, I’m swooning too.


3. Pete Wentz

Though Pete Wentz definitely belongs to the more distinguished crowd of “alternative Dads,” his hotness is indisputable. Though, I look forward to that awkward moment when his child goes through awkward teenage years and they accidentally grab for the same eyeliner in the bathroom.


4. Jack Black

Though I’ve never met him, Jack Black seems like a hero to many, a heartthrob to some, and a living cartoon character to everyone under the age of 12. If I were his kid I wouldn’t even need a TV set or an internet connection, constantly gaining pure entertainment from the crazy sayings that stream out of his mouth on the reg.


5. Joel Madden

Joel Madden and Pete Wentz could not only share playdates with their young extraordinarily-named kin but they’ve probably already shared from the same eyeliner at one point or another. Madden is a perfect example of a new wave of tattooed rock’n’roll parents who will undoubtedly teach their kids how to sing their ABC’s through a guitar-shredding battlecry.


6. Jason Lee

Jason Lee is one of those great actors and all-around dudes who can laugh at himself effortlessly (see: “My Name is Earl,” appearances on “Raising Hope” and just about every Kevin Smith movie), act his butt off in dramas, and still find time to be a pretty rockin’ Dad. I know he leans on the older side, but he was quite the adorable looker in his day (and still remains to be).


7. Jude Law

The accent. Those eyes. That debonair way he struts. Jude Law has everything going for him – and as a hot Dad, he surely takes the cake. I just pray to God his kids’ British accents are as adorable as I imagine them to be.


8. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is amazing at whatever he does, so it would come as no surprise to me if I heard he was also the world’s greatest Dad. In my fantasy of him, he would even make a reading of “Green Eggs and Ham” devastatingly sexy. Here’s hoping his attractive genetics carry on into the next generation, there needs to be more Depps roaming around this great earth – and they need to all grow facial hair and play coy.


9. Diego Luna

You may not know of Diego, he’s performed in a variety of acting roles within lesser-known independent features, but one look into his deep brown almond eyes and you’ll be hooked – I guarantee you. I didn’t know what strong hold he had on perfect strangers until I ran into him recently (while chasing his young kid around a mall), before I could think my instant reflex was whispering, “OhmyGodIlovehim” – I wouldn’t doubt any of you having a similar reaction.

What other sexy parents have I left off the list? Who do you think is the sexiest mom or dad out there?


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