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9 Things That Can Ruin A Friendship (Besides Sex)

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The new movies "No Strings Attached" and "Friends With Benefits" ask the question — Can sex friends stay best friends? And of course the answer is "no." But sex is but just one form of change that can come to a friendship. You can always add a different type of friendship to your current friendship, but should you? As we're about to find out, some kinds of friendships are better suited to this sort of tinkering than others.


1. Can study group friends stay best friends?

Unfortunately, they can't. Invariably, one of the members of the friendship is more of a poindexter than the others and is therefore only being used for their brain. If you suspect your friends are using you for that big poindexter brain of yours, dump them immediately! You don't need to hang with jerks like that!*

*You might need to hang with jerks like that. Sounds like you're a bit of a poindexter.


2. Can Gears of War friends stay sex friends?

Probably not. First off, girls hate Gears of War. This is a known fact. What is a lesser known fact is that guys too hate Gears of War. They just don't want to admit it for fear of being called girls! The house of cards that is the Gears of War franchise can be toppled with nothing more than a single male voice brave enough to SPEAK THIS TRUTH ALOUD!


3. Can sex friends stay cupcake-baking friends?

Listen. We've all been there. You and your friend are baking some 'cups (the kids are calling them "'cups" these days), a little frosting gets on their nose and your heart starts to flutter. You've already chosen to indulge in cupcakes, why not continue that indulgence? "You only get one spin around on this big blue marble," as my Grandpop used to say (My Grandpop and Grandma started out as cupcake-baking friends).


4. Can former friends stay best friends?

By definition they cannot.


5. Can Facebook friends stay best friends?

They sure can! Facebook is a great way to keep in touch!


6. Can former friends stay Facebook friends?

I guess so. You both keep your friend count high. No harm, no foul.


7. Can Gears of War friends stay Facebook friends?

Listen, let's just all agree that anyone ever can stay Facebook friends, okay?


8. Can friends who tell each other about the TV shows they like stay sex friends?

Can you stay sex friends if you start sharing with your partner all the TV shows you love that just not enough people are watching, like Parks and Recreation and Mad Men? Well, maybe, but be careful. Sounds like you've got a good thing going with this sex friend, and they might not be as into TV as you are. Why potentially ruin things by forcing yourself to judge them? You might be better off not knowing they can't pick out the best episode of The Brady Bunch (the one where Greg and Marsha both run for student council president) or didn't like the Lost finale.


9. Can Gears of War friends stay cupcake-baking friends?

Really? Is his what we're doing now? Just mixing and matching them? I don't have time for this, my Grandma and Grandpop's anniversary party is tonight! It was supposed to be at 7 o'clock but they moved it to 8 because Grandpop said he and Grandma wanted to make cupcakes (Gross).

What kind of friendship do you want to add to your current friendships? Let us know in the comments below!

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