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9 Things Every Woman Wants From A Dude

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Okay guys, it's time we settle this once and for all because when it comes to what women want, we're sick and tired of you being confused. You wanna know what we want from you? You really wanna know? Well brace yourself (and maybe grab a pen and paper) because here's the rundown, the real deal, of what we gals want from you dudes.


Assult Us With Good Things

This is NOT the way to show you care.

Comedian Rob Delaney put it right when he said that "Women need to be assaulted with good things." Flowers, corny displays of public affection (kisses, hugs, candy), words of encouragement… all kinds of things. We're dumb when it comes to love and we need constant reassurance. Think of us  like that guy from the movie Momento, only with boobs. By morning most girls have forgotten that you love them and you have to start proving it all over again.


A Good Listener

Yes, we know we talk a lot, it's part of our charm. You hate it, and yet you find it adorable sometimes but regardless… we want you to listen. You don't have to have anything to say back – though it's nice when you do – but seriously, why would you spend time with a girl you didn't like listening to? If you hate listening to your girlfriend talk, then get a new girlfriend. You're with the wrong person. 


Say What's On Your Mind

WE ARE NOT MIND READERS. Even girls who are mind readers aren't mind readers, because that crap is fake. You have to say, in the simplest of terms, what is on your mind. We are not experts are reading your body language or knowing what "vibe" you're trying to give off. If you like us, you have to literally tell us, in just as many words, that you like us. If it's not working out, you need to say that too. Just being mean to a girl is no way to break up with her. Be a man and say what's on your mind.


Be A Hero

Look, nobody's asking you to go slay a dragon to prove your manly love, but it would be awesome if you could muster the gumption to handle that spider lurking in the bathtub without being asked ten times and then whining like a little girl. Can I hear an A-men from my girls?


Just a Hint of Bad Boy

Now before you get a tattoo of a dragon on your face, we don't need you to be THAT bad. But we do like boys are self-confident and don't care what anybody thinks. Bad boys have strong opinions, aren't afraid to voice them and between you and me… We really get turned on when you call us on our crap. Nothing is sexier than a dude whose got you pegged. And to peg a girl, you're doing to have to do a lot of listening (see above.) Some girls may even like you to put on a black leather jacket and tousle up your hair a bit. That works too.


A Sense of Humor

Having a good sense of humor doesn't mean that you have to be funny necessarily, but that you KNOW what's funny and laugh heartily when things are funny. Laughing with a girl (not AT, jerk), is as important as making her laugh. So don't be too cool to let out a big ol' belly laugh sometimes. If you sadly lack the ability to be funny, take her to lots of funny movies and comedy shows and she'll think you're funny by proxy.


Everybody Likes A Good Challenge

I think that everybody likes a challenge and the world of romance is no exception. We enjoy the challenges of dating, of enticing you, teasing you, maybe wrestling in the park, or playing games. I think that playing games (I personally love Phase10) is a great way to keep the challenge and competitive spirit going in a relationship.


Quality Time

Hanging with your friends is great, but we gals also love it when it's just the two of us. Make sure to schedule some quality sofa time with your lady each week… pick a movie, play some video games, watch TV, listen to music, sit in silence… whatever. As long as it's just the two of us. These are the moments that make putting up with all your other crap totally worth it for us gals.  



It's almost embarassing to admit but girls like gifts. But c'mon, who doesn't? You like them too! Now I'm not talking about spending lots of money. It's not about the money, we love getting gifts mostly because it means you were thinking about us when we weren't around. When it comes to getting a girl a great gift, you have two options… super thoughtful or super expensive. In this economy I'd go with "super thoughtful."

What have I forgotten ladies? What else do we want from men? I know everyone's list is going to be different… And dudes out there… I want to hear from you too…


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