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9 Times Celebrity Photoshopping Went Terribly Wrong

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Isn’t Photoshop great? You can use it to touch up minor issues in your photographs, or create a brand new image entirely. Whenever a tool like this exists, there’s always going to be people who misuse it. Sometimes, people get a little too over confident with their Photoshop abilities, and they end up noticeable making the image look freaky. Here are the worst celebrity Photoshop fails ever. Remember, these were done by professionals.

Demi Moore — W

photoshop moore

Look at Demi Moore’s body and then at at her leg — that is a chunk of body missing. Appearing on the cover of W, part of Demi Moore’s thigh was removed. The waist usually goes out, but Demi Moore’s goes in, and at right angles to boot. This was clearly done to make Moore look thinner, but what it did do was make it look like she was made out of Legos and they ran out of pieces.


Avril Lavigne — Maxim

photoshop lavigne

Apparently, Maxim really liked Avril Lavigne’s forearm, but they couldn’t stand her upper arm. It would’ve looked ridiculous to have no arm at all, so they just left the lower part floating there. Sure, there’s some hair hanging in the area, but only enough to give the illusion that there’s only a thin bone connecting that forearm to the rest of her body, which changes this image from silly-looking to truly terrifying.


photoshop beyonce

This picture is from Beyonce’s vacation, and either those stairs have a serious structural issue, or some digital edits have been made. The biggest question here is why Beyonce would Photoshop herself, because her fans already consider her perfect.

Kristen Stewart — Glamour

photoshop stewart

In all honesty, I’ve never seen Twilight or, really, any Kristen Stewart movies, but I’m still fairly certain she has two arms. What was she doing with her other arm on this Glamour cover that it needed to be removed? Also, why did they think no one would notice a missing arm? Arms are one of the most prominent parts of the body!

Fergie — Glamour

photoshop glamour

You know when you see a picture and don’t notice anything wrong with it until someone mentions a flaw, and suddenly it’s all you can see? Look at Fergie’s legs in this picture. They’re not the same size. This Photoshopping was almost subtle enough to get away with it, but now it’s hypnotized me.

Ashlee Simpson — Complete Woman

photoshop simpson

Apparently, Complete Woman wanted to put Ashlee Simpson’s name on their cover, but not her face. There is so much Photoshopping going on in this image that it doesn’t even look like a real person anymore. There are video games with characters that look more real that this. Her eyes look like they’re just floating on the face, and they’ve almost completely airbrushed her nose away. Why does Complete Woman hate noses?

Adam Levine — Vogue

photoshop levine

I understand that celebs want to look like they have flat stomachs, but this is taking it a little too far. On this Vogue cover, Adam Levine looks like a shark attack victim. So he has to go through all the work of getting and maintaining those abs, only for them to be poorly Photoshopped away? This image appeared in an issue of the Russian version of Vogue, so maybe Russian women just like their men physically damaged?

Miranda Kerr — her own Instagram

photoshop kerr

Miranda Kerr had some digital touch-ups done on her mid section, but she didn’t go crazy. The reason this image made the list is because Kerr forgot that she had already Instagrammed the original, untouched photo. That kills the point of Photoshopping. It’s like she performed a magic trick after explaining to the audience how it works. At that point, you’re just waving your hands around.

Zooey Deschanel

photoshop deschanel

Zooey Deschanel appeared in ads for a make-up company called Rimmel, fans noticed her face looking a little (a lot) Photoshop-y, and everyone was confused. Why hire a famous person to be the face of your product, but not use that face to promote it? Also, if you’re trying to advertise make-up, it hurts the product image to have to resort to Photoshop to make your model look good.

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