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9 True Crime Stories That Are Totally Normal to Bring Up on a First Date

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First dates can be daunting. You’re expected to talk with a total stranger for an undetermined amount of time in the hopes that you might spend the rest of your lives together. You might think that it’s not a good time to bring up true crime, but that’s where you’d be wrong. It’s actually always okay to bring up true crime. But these are the best true crime stories to bring up on your first date.

1. Issei Sagawa the cannibal

Issei Sagawa

is a Japanese cannibal who ate his first victim while studying for his PhD for literature in Paris. A nice icebreaker, feel free to use his gruesome history to talk about a wide variety of topics. Did your date study abroad anywhere? What did they study in college? Have they, or would they, ever eat anyone?

2. Belle Gunness, Lady Bluebeard

Belle Gunness, aka the Black Widow, Hell’s Belle, and Lady Bluebeard, was a prolific killer in the early 1900s who murdered her boyfriends, suitors, possibly her husband, and eventually her children. Bringing up Belle is a great way to get to know the other person’s stance on things like gender equality and family murder.

3. Future Dating Ideas

Janice and Cameron Hooker picked up a young hitchhiker, kept her trapped in a box, and coerced her into a contractual agreement of sex slavery. If your date thinks this is a cool couple’s activity… that’s a red flag right there.

4. Stick with the classics…

zodiac killer

The BTK strangler is one of the most infamous American serial killers, killing ten people and sending taunting letters to police when they did not arrest him. While a lot of people like to show off true crime knowledge on the first date, sometimes it’s better just to stick with the classics. Bring up the BTK strangler and just get comfortable in a space where you’re familiar.

5. Beer Man

This serial killer from Mumbai was labeled “Beer Man” because they would leave beer bottles next to the bodies of their victims. A good way to bring this one up is if your date orders a beer, ask them, “Hey, would you leave that next to a dead body?”

6. Rocky Mountain Murders

Harold Henthorn called 911 to report that his wife had fallen from a cliff—but his story quickly unraveled from there. This is a great opportunity to memorize every detail of this story — including the fact that Henthorn’s phone records confirmed he visited the murder site nine times prior to the murder — and just repeat it verbatim to your date. They will be entertained and impressed by your expertise and intelligence and will feel no need to talk about themselves.

7. The Dating Game Killer

dating game killer

There is no better time to talk about a man known as The Dating Game Killer than while you’re on a date! They’ll find your knowledge of this brutal murderer and 1970s game shows to be charming, accessible, and unique.

8. Is Your Date A Chameleon?

Whenever you go on a date with someone, it’s important to check and see that they are not secretly an old man pretending to be a missing youth. That’s what makes it completely normal to bring up Frederic Pierre Bourdin, a French serial imposter who has pretended to be multiple European teens — often those presumed missing or dead for years.

9. The Zodiac Killer

zodiac killer

Asking someone about the Zodiac Killer is about as cliche as asking someone about their zodiac sign, but like astrology, it’s still important to know about. Get their take on this famous murderer and maybe you’ll get a little closer to solving it yourself.

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