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9 Types Of Facebook Photos You Should Stop Posting

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Facebook photos can tell you a lot about a person. People post some bizarre stuff.

I often wonder why more people don't make their albums private. I mean, why would you want other people to see you like this? I'm going to avoid the obvious ones like naked pics and duckfaces, and go for some of less obvious offenses. Here are some samples of common Facebook photo blunders that you should try to avoid.


I'm So Gangsta

I know the look you are going for, but I just don't think the paint-ball gun is going to get you there.


Playful or Creepy?

Although I applaud your choice in fine headgear, the crazy chest hair doesn't scream playful. It gives you a bit of a creepy vibe.


Using Your Mugshot As Your Profile Photo

You might think that using your mugshot as your Facebook profile photo is cool. It is not. You sir are one creepy MoFo! I will wager that you drive a windowless van.


Showing Off Your Sweater Vest

Under no circumstances is a sweater vest cool, never ever!


I'm Rich!

If your goal is to floss on Facebook, you might want to use more than $26.


Look At My Amazing Sense Of Humor

There is a fine line between trying to be funny and disturbing. You sir have pranced right over that line.


D+ Photoshop Student

Realy? If you are going to place your head on another body, try to get the sizes to match.


I Have No Chest Hair

I get it, you want to convey that you are musical and sexy, even though you haven't hit puberty yet. Your Facebook profile may not be the proper place to test the waters of your sexuality. You don't see a picture of me in my underwear playing a banjo… Yet.


Intense Dude

Why so dramatic? If you are that intense just taking a picture I would hate to see you taking the SAT’s.

What are some other common mistakes that you see on Facebook? Please tell us in the comments. Together, we can make Facebook a better place… for EVERYONE.


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