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9 Villains I Wanna Cuddle With

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You might think It’s messed up but I’d curl up with all these A-holes!


Wiley E. Coyote


I Just want to give him a bubble bath, dress up like the road runner and snuggle up with this furry freak!


Lex Luthor


Sometimes a shiny bald head is a real cuddle draw. Something smooth to rub. I want to stroke it and make many evil wishes! Muahahahaah!


The Brain


Awwwww…Whatchya storing in those wittle cheeks mister?? Evil Plans?? Don’t cry silly goose, Pinky still loves you!


Mr. Bigglesworth


Umm…mostly I am intrigued by this type of cat but throw in Mini Me and we have a top notch snuggle fest!


Regina George


Honestly I just think she would smell really good.




What a little nugget! I just want to put him in my purse and show him off.


Yosemite Sam


OMG I would totes wrap myself in that mustache and tickle those tiny feet until the cows came home!


Draco Malfoy


Ugh…sooooo cute! What a mean, mean cuddle bear.


Lucius Malfoy


DILC= Dad I’d Like to Cuddle….guess loveable runs in the fam!

Which cuddly villain did I forget? Let us know in the comments!

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