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The Absolute Worst Things Parents Can Say!

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Parents – can’t live with ‘em, can’t – wait, we have to live with ‘em. While we recognize that they’re usually well meaning and have dedicated their lives to our happiness, they do know how to push our buttons. For those of us who feel like a human game controller (buttons pushed a lot? eh?), let’s commiserate over the worst things parents can say.


“You’re Acting Like A Real [Insert Negative Noun Here]”

parents say female dog


Just call us a bitch. Telling us we’re "acting like" one just serves to show how the parent is more mature because he/she had the wherewithal not to call us names directly. SO ANNOYING, ughhhh!


"I'm Disappointed In You"

parents say sad kid


A classic for a reason. Disappointment comes from outside sources: not doing as well on a test as you'd like; cracking in your student council speech (forever staining you with the nickname Joh-AHUH-nathan)… We have enough adversity in our lives; disappointment is not something we want to inspire in our own family members.


“Put Your Phone Away”

parents say phone down


”Parents just don’t understand” is an understatement. Our phones are our lifelines: to information, to our schedules, to people we’d rather talk to in that moment. Making us put the device down is counterproductive. That’s when we’re going to mentally check out – as we dwell on how many Snapchats we’ll have to catch up on later.


“You Don’t See Your Sister [A Verb That You Just Did] Around Town!”

parents say train tracks


Not only is it embarrassing for a new friend to know your parents think they’re worth the vested interest, but it potentially endangers your ability to go hang out at the train tracks (or gas station?) freely. You can pick your friends and you can pick your privacy settings, but you can’t pick your friends’ privacy settings.


“I’m Taking You Off The Family Plan.”

Noooo! Don’t they know how expensive data plans can be? Unless you have a room where you store your gold coins, you’re going to want to hold on to that family Verizon plan as long as you can. Maybe get your own kids in on it one day; you know, for the sake of tradition. Please???


What else do you hate when parents say? Let us know in the comments!


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