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Actual Lessons Learned From 90s Cartoons!

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Television: teacher, mother, secret lover. TV has taught me everything I know. It taught me how to love, when to laugh, how yogurt can be made TO THE EXTREME. It also taught me that kids don’t generally want to watch shows that are meant to teach them things. But if you sugarcoat the lessons with cartoons, singing, violence and slapstick then you’re a farting Einstein because kids will be all about it. I was a kid shaped creature once too, in a land far, far away known as the 90s. There I learned a great many things from the cartoons. Like:


Rocko’s Modern Life – Recycling


Before this episode of Rocko’s Modern Life, I was content to just throw my refuse at passing rollerbladers. But then my horrible ways we’re literally spelled out for me. R-E-C-Y-C-L-E RECYCLE! – I started then and I continue now. Because now I recycle all my rollerbladers in the blue bin like a champ! .


Animaniacs – Geography & American History

Animaniacs was the closest thing that a 90s kid had to Wikipedia. I credit this show as the only reason I know the state capitols and the appropriate thing to say to Joseph Gordon Levitt should I ever meet him. Hellooo nurse, have you even been to California state capitol, Sacramento?


Gargoyles – Shakespeare

 90s cartoon lessons


The writing team on Gargoyles could confine themselves to cartoon conventions and count themselves kings of infinite syndication by simply naming their characters out of Shakespearean plays. But they actually used the Bard’s works to inform their storylines and characters. Macbeth, the Weird Sisters, Puck, Titania, Oberon and Desdemona are all major players that interact alongside monsters, myths and legends on the groundbreaking show.


Reboot – Computer Programming

This show teaches you code. It’s true. After watching all four season you get a diploma from DeVry University. And then you will get all of the jobs. It’s on Netflix instant, get cracking.


Aeon Flux – Mortality

90s cartoon lessons


Aeon was nothing short of a role model to me as a wee one. She was sexy, powerful, resourceful, acrobatic, whippet thin and conformed to gravity.


Any lessons you want to tell the class? Better speak up in the comments.


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