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‘Alexa! Horrify Me!’ This Man Has His Amazon Echo Speaking Through a Skull

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The Amazon Echo — the personal voice assistant device that responds to the name “Alexa” when you ask it questions about the weather or what movies are playing — is the most inspiring, futuristic, straight-out-of-science-fiction device item that literally none of us need. At least the Echo offers a soothing voice to comfort us when we ask about weather/ movies though, right? But that’s no longer the case for one man, who hacked his Echo to speak through a skull:

What’s especially interesting about the skull on the Alexa is that NO ONE PUT IT THERE. IT SIMPLY WAS AND WILL ALWAYS BE.

Nah, the skull-Alexa hybrid was actually made by a hackster named Mike McGurrin in what he’s dubbed The Yorick Project, after the Shakespeare character whose skull became Hamlet’s sounding board. Granted, telling an Indiana man about clear skies isn’t quite on the same level as being part of one of the greatest soliloquies in the history of the English language, but at least this Yorick doesn’t have to have the concept of mortality mansplained to him.


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