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All-time Sexiest YouTube Comments!

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YouTube comments are sexy, right? This isn't just me? Sometimes a comment reminds you of a sexy time in your life or a sexy video you were watching. And I can't be the only one who reads the hateful comments and sometimes gets turned on? A lot of my friends say this is unhealthy, but I've found some YouTube comments that are both sexy and prove I'm not a masochist!


We've all arbitrarily searched "hot girls" on YouTube. And it's great. Every time. Always always great. So good call, commenter. Like the hot dog stand outside the movie theater, your comment is only works because of where it's located.


As the Mixalot Doctrine of 1992 decreed, fat bottom girls will always be sexy. It went on to declare that this great nation, like all great nations, must indeed, under certain circumstances, get sprung.


Nip slips are like pizza and Will Smith movies. Even the worst ones are still pretty great.


This comment is so sexy because it reminds me of Gossip Girl, which I assume is always sexy. I've never actually watched it— are they having sex with chairs here or what's going on?


What's really sexy is when someone you care about trusts you enough to display their emotions in front of you. Right? That's something a healthy person would say, isn't it? THIS IS UNFULFILLING I just want some YouTube commenters to make me feel bad.


MM. That's the stuff.


YEAH YEAH. Give it to me! MM, tell me I'm worthless.


Hey guys, what's wrong with me?


Which YouTube comment did you find the sexiest? Let us know in the comments below!


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