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Alternate Activities To Try If You’re Mario

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What are you doing this weekend? Tired of killing turtles and rescuing princesses? Here are a few activities you can try (If you are Super Mario).


Attend A Super Mario Look Alike Event

Warning, the girls here have wicked mustaches.


Build A Real Life Version Of Super Mario Bros.

Mario is a man who likes more of the same.


Go Riding

Yoshi is getting fat. Let's take him out for a jog.


Hang Out By The Lake

It's not that relaxing since the fish try to jump out of the water and kill you.



I just had a mushroom. I can take a car impact or two.


Check Out That New Mushroom Sculpture Down At The Park

Can't… stop… jumping… on… mushrooms…



It feels nice not to have to FIGHT for coins all the time, you know?


Picket In Wisconsin

Wait, this isn't a protest to stand with the teachers. What protest am I at?


Take A Walk In The Country

It's nice to be someplace where there aren't deadly turtles around.


Visit Your Friends In The City

Why can't Donkey Kong get a GROUND FLOOR apartment. Sheesh.


Play Halo

Elites are the goombas of space.


Get Bieber's Autograph

"OMG OMG OMG! Justin TOUCHED MY HAND! I'm never washing this white glove again."

What are you doing this weekend?


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