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8 Amazing Artworks Created With School Supplies

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School supplies are good for things like math or maybe writing down answers on a science test, but what if they could be used for more? No, not tiny wooden swords… I’m talking about ART. The visionary artists below took at look at normal everyday school supplies, and turned them into something amazing. Here are 8 amazing artworks made out of school supplies!

Pencils – life size dude

school supply art

See that man? He’s actually made of colored pencils and zip ties. Instead of using his writing instruments to fill out scantrons, Columbian-born artist Federico Uribe fastens thousands of pencils together to make sculptures. He’s also created portraits out of shoe laces, and metal plants out of gardening tools. Remind me not to lend him and pencils, shoes laces, or gardening tools.


Paperclips – Chandelier

school supply art

If you have thousands of dollars, you can by this chandelier from designer Gary Ponzo. If you have thousands of hours, you might be able to make you own, since it’s made of the common household paperclip. I don’t either, so I guess I’ll stick to my normal LED flashlight inside a white plastic bag.


Scissors – Spider

school supply art

Probably the most dangerous art on this list, industrial artist Christopher Locke created this spider from recycled scissors confiscated at airport security checkpoints. I guess a lot of people try and get huge scary scissors onto planes? So there’s that to think about.


Rubber Bands – Fruit

school supply art

I like the idea of someone trying to eat one of these. Or better yet, throwing the apple at the doctor. That’ll keep that jerk away. These were created by rubber band artist Donna McLeod. Oh man, I wish I knew that job existed when I was deciding on a career.


Staples – Manhattan

school supply art

Artist Tofi Stoler created this teeny-tiny Manhattan using only staples. Surprisingly, finding parking in Staples Manhattan is easier.


Paperclips – this guy

school supply art

Italian artist Pietro D’Angelo makes striking life-sized sculptures using paper clips. When you are made of school supplies you don’t have to worry about grass stains on your suit.


Crayons – Ferrari

school supply art

Using tens of thousands of everyday crayons, Herb Williams creates wax renditions of everything from dresses to Elvis to wildfire (for real). And you thought coloring inside the lines was impressive.


Everything – tiny X-wing

school supply art

Less fine art, and more do-it-yourself (see the instructions here), this is just a reminder that even the non-geniuses among us can make our art with a little imagination and a few things lying around the house. I should start on my rubber band Death Star

These artists clearly have plenty of pencils and paperclips and rubber bands, but for a lot of students, they don’t even have money to get enough supplies to get through the school year. Please check out Staples For Students and see how easy it is to help kids in need. You could even win supplies signed by Disney Channel star Bella Thorne. Check it out!


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