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The Amazing Flying Car!

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Our parents were promised a future where cars could fly…



The future is here my friends! A flying car is going into production and should be available in the near future. It's a breakthrough that will change the future of transportation!



Terrafugia Transition will be selling the Transition Roadable Aircraft out of Massachusetts. Right now 70 people have placed their order. 70? That's all? I would think there would be like a million orders in at this point. C'mon people, we're talking about a flying car!



The car should be able to drive on normal roads, runs on unleaded fuel, gets 450 miles on each tank of gas, and can take off from any small airport. Airport? I want to take off on the motherfriggin' freeway!



But I guess it's not safe or something like that. Speaking of SAFE… this flying car isn't very safe at all. They couldn't fit airbags in it because of all the flying gears and whatnots… there wasn't room for a lot of the standard safety features that most cars have.



So you could either fall from the sky or get run over by a tricked out Mini. Either way, you're in a moving deathtrap!



I know your next question is, "How the heck do I get MY flying-deathtrap-car?" Well, I'll tell ya…



All you're going to need is your pilots license…



About $200,000.00 bucks…



And your own private airport.


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