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The Amazing Pop Art Of Buff Monster

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Artist Buff Monster grew up in Hawaii but later moved to Los Angeles… heavy metal music, ice cream and Japanese culture are his major influences in his artwork. His work has been shown in galleries around the world and published in tons of magazines, websites, newspapers and books. You might have seen him in Angeleno, The Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, The New York Times, or one of the many other publications who have printed his amazing and unique work.



Buff Monster’s artistic career began very simply. He designed and created thousands of hand-silkscreened posters and posted them all over Los Angeles.











His covert poster hanging missions turned into a productive career in street art.



And that led to more fine art pieces.






Now, Buff Monster's popularity helps to sells books and merchandise! 



He's even collaborated with Kidrobot to help design new Dunny dolls.



Buff Monster also creates these unique vinyl toys through MINDstyle, and has lots of other pieces in the works with other top toy companies.



Buff Monster recently had a show called The Monster Within at the Giant Robot gallery, it was an art show featuring reinterpretations of his work by his friend. You can check out more of The Monster Within on their Flickr page.





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