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America, Girlfriends Into Puppy Bowl

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Sarah‘s weekly post on what America is doing with its life.

This past Sunday afternoon, sports fan and non-sports fans alike gathered around their television sets for the biggest football game of the year.

They ate. They drank. They cheered. They ogled the adorable cheerleaders. They cheered through the kitten half time show.

Yes, Ladies and gentleman, this week America celebrated Puppy Bowl Sunday!

This puppy pays 12,000 bones per month in alimony to his former bitch.

All of this year’s players were rookies due to the 4-month cut off age. And the bunny rabbit cheerleaders seemed a little unenthusiastic.

But their lackluster attitudes were overshadowed by one of the newest additions to Puppy Bowl–a blimp provided aerial footage, manned by some diehard fans who happened to be hamsters.

The Puppy Bowl this year was unfortunately
marred by a steroid scandal that rocked the puppy world.

There were puppies and some older dogs tail-gating outside Puppy Stadium in lawn chairs. And the kitties really stepped up their yearly half time show. They batted around their toys harder than that band the Who could play their instruments. And, as many might expect, “Jake the Chihuahua Pug” was voted as MVP.

You may ask yourself “What the hell are these puppies doing?”
To which the producers and your grandma reply: “Look how friggin cute they are!”

Until next year, sports fans!

What’s your opinion on the Puppy Bowl: adorable alternative to the Super Bowl or Worst Sporting Event Ever?