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America Was Really Into: Valentine’s Day

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Sarah‘s weekly post on what America is doing with its life.

This week America made singles everywhere feel awful about themselves by bombarding them with images of love, happiness, togetherness, and presents they won’t be receiving!

It sent American males to their local malls and CVS’s to stock up on cheap candy, cards, and stuffed animals for the significant females in their lives, and American females to wonder what they’d be getting on the special day.

Can’t buy me love?

Some of the adventuresome guys bought those awful heart-shaped necklaces that Kay Jewelers pimps on TV, others Edible arrangements, others REGULAR arrangements. Some even bought them actual cool presents they may have asked for and/or wanted.

And single people everywhere were forced to stay indoors as the world celebrated their love for one another.

The mean Valentine’s Day streets this Sunday.

Some slept the day away. Others binge ate. Many watched their phones not ring for the entire day. Thanks, America. If there is a group of people whose self-esteem really needs to be taken down a few notches it is certainly single people!

What’d you do on Valentine’s Day?