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‘Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’ Is Full of Fan-Made Prisons and Cults

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If you needed more evidence that man is inherently twisted, look no further than what’s happening right now in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. The free-to-play mobile game has a few odd rules about furniture, which players are using as a loophole to created prisons and cults. Needless to say, players have gotten pretty damn creative upon discovering this capability…

In Pocket Camp, placing a lamp will cause animals to stand in front of it and turn it on and off; placing an instrument will make animals stand in front of it and play random notes at random times; and placing a chair will make animals sit in it, wherever it is. This, of course, has lead to players creating prisons and cults within the game, because when you give a man the power to play God, he’s going to abuse that power.

animal crossing prison porta potty
animal crossing prison wrong with me

animal crossing prison where money
animal crossing prison bear cult

While we can’t condone the animal prisons, some of these are delightfully clever. Have you created anything extreme in Pocket Camp? Share it with us @Smosh!