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Animals With Emo Haircuts

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Animals can be just as sad and lonely as you and me, and they like their hair to reflect their sorrrow. I mean, without thumbs, it’s very hard to cut yourself. However, Turtles are really good at it somehow. WEIRD!

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Emo horse is sad because his dad just doesn’t understand.


Getting milked is SO mainstream.


Emo pig wants to know he’s a vegan, and he thinks you should be too.


Emo Llama wishes it was always nighttime.


I save my tears in a jar.


I don’t believe in hell, because hell is here on earth.


My poetry is just too emotional for most audiences to grasp.


You love my wool, but have you checked out my LiveJournal?


All I feel is sorrow.


I eat my own poop to remind myself what it is to FEEL.


I’m actually a really happy dog, but there’s this girl I’m trying to pick up who is SUPER depressed.


I’m happy to live in a cage. I was already in a cage of misery LONG before you found me.


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