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Animals That Were Definitely Conceived In Hell

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Not all animals are created equal. Some are created to upset the hell out of us. Case in point:


Naked Mole Rat


I keep trying to give my four year old daughter this as a pet, and for some reason she keeps rejecting it.




The Aye-Aye, from Madagascar, spends its time prying insects out of trees with it's bony, witch-like fingers. When it's not spending it's time doing that, it whiles aways the rest of its hours planning ways to defy the God that made it so.


Barko, The Dog That Barks Knives

As long as you pet him from behind you're fine.


The Cat That Always Lands On It's Face


This type of cat, very common in China, just plain sucks at being alive.


The Skyreel Butterfly: The Butterfly Whose Wings Have Inflammatory Racist Slogans Written On Them


The worst part of these butterflies is that they prefer to swell in low income neighborhoods. 


Whatever The Hell This Is


I don't know what these are called, but if you live in Arizona they're EVERYWHERE, and they never sleep, and their hungry, and their favorite food is US.


Upsetto, The Cockroach That Whispers Depressing Things To You In Your Sleep


What a dick!


What other animals are total crap? Let us know in the comments!


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