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15 Animated Gifs That Have A Totally Different Meaning In Reverse

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A wise man once said “time is a flat circle.” I don’t know what that means, but it did get me thinking about how we only understand a fraction of our reality and experience it linear, limited faction , and also how cool it would be to see some animated gifs in reverse. HERE ARE THOSE FUNNY REVERSE GIFS. Most of them are completely different in reverse. But then so are most things, except the word TACOCAT.


revese gif GTFO


Peter, NO!

revese gif spider-man



revese gif vacuum


Revese NOM

revese gif treadmill


You can’t $%*& a man you just met

revese gif frozen dirty


Up you go!

revese gif tennis ball


Let me fix your door, bro!

revese gif door fix


Heavy baby

revese gif baby


Butt Jedi

revese gif butt


What a bunch of jerks

revese gif bystanders



revese gif glaze



revese gif supernatural


Swing set

revese gif swing set


He seems into it…

revese gif that's a penis


What a jerk

revese gif aladdin jerk


Context is everything! Which was your favorite reverse gif? Let us know in the comments down below!

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