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Someone Animated the Lost Lion King Song Where Scar Tries to Get With Nala

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A fan of Disney’s The Lion King has animated “The Madness of King Scar”, a song deleted from the theatrical release of the film because it was so creepy, but later included in the Broadway version because it was so creepy. (I was in my high school’s one-act, I know what those little sex-starved dramatists are into.)


This video is the work of animator Eduardo Quintana, and not, as I initially believed, official Disney animation. And that should show what quality work Quintana did here — I am an expert at spotting knock-off Lion King memorabilia, having spent so many Christmases in the mid-’90s being sent close-but-still-a-little-off Lion King stuffed animals from my well-meaning grandparents.

nala scar knock-offs
I wish they hadn’t done their Christmas shopping at flea markets on the Texas/ Mexico border.

While it’s unsettling to see Scar’s sexual advances towards Nala, this scene is nothing compared to how Scar would behave if he’d actually taken control of a pride of lions. As the new territorial lion, Scar would first murder all of the cubs to put the female lions in heat, and then mate with all of them — not just Nala, but Simba’s mother and all the rest — up to 250 times over the course of five days. And even if the female lion weren’t dealing with the emotional baggage of lying with the murderer of her children, the process of mating with Scar would still be terrible for her, as sharp, outward-pointing spikes run along the erect lion penis.

And let me be clear, that is not just a Scar thing — all male lions do this to their mating partners. Even Mufasa’s penis had razor barbs that cut Simba’s mother as it was retracted.

scar nala mufasa
Maybe remember that next time he shows up in the clouds, all givin’ out advice.


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