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Is Anthony Mexican?

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A while back we made a video called “Anthony is Mexican”. Do you remember it?

Well, I guess the authorities in Arizona saw it and they want to talk to me.

They also hauled in all the other people that appeared in the video that even looked Mexican to interrogate them as well.

It was a work of fiction! I don’t sell fruit on the street and I’m not really Mexican!

Just because someone has olive skin, or a unibrow, or a name that ends in Z — or a vowel — or speaks Spanish, or speaks Mexican, doesn’t make them criminals!

I didn’t climb over a fence, wade across a river or crawl through a tunnel to get here, either.

Man, what’s wrong with people that makes them think they can judge an entire segment of the population based upon appearances? That’s F-ed up!

One thing’s for sure: I’m not taking that Donkey Trekking-River Rafting Trip to the Grand Canyon anytime soon.

So I leave the authorities of Arizona with this message: My donkey is river waffle big sausage fat.

Watch Anthony is Mexican!