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‘Bed Intruder’ Viral Star Antoine Dodson ARRESTED

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Hide your viral video stars, because they arrestin’ errbody out here. Antoine Dodson, famous for warning the world about the dangers of bed intruders, was locked up this weekend after a traffic stop in Huntsville, Alabama.


His crime? Rocking too hard. Saturday night Antoine was pulled over by police because the music in his car was TOO DAMN LOUD. I guess technically it gets illegal when you can hear it more than 50 feet from the vehicle. Rock out at 40 feet? Golden. But 50 was too much.


After they pulled him over, the police discovered that Antoine had a warrant for his arrest. Yep, back in April Dodson was picked up for pot possession (they smokin’ errbody out here!), but he never appeared in court. That April arr'est resulted in the following mugshot, which might be my favorite look for Dodson


Thankfully, Antoine only spent one night in jail. After posting bond of $516, he was released Sunday. So if you were thinking of selling a “free Antoine!” shirt, it’s too late! Now he’s back on the street, probably looking for more horrible crimes that he can describe and have made into a song.

Do you think you should get arrested to loud music? Have you ever hidden your wife? Let us know in the comments!

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