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Are ‘Star Wars’ Hover Bikes Closer to Becoming a Reality?

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We all know the best parts of Return of the Jedi were the opening escape from Jabba's palace and the Luke-Emperor-Vader scenes at the end, and we all know the worst part was pretty much every other part of that movie.

c3p0 ewok jedi
Goddamn this movie can go right to hell.

But by far the coolest part of all those crappy parts was the hover bike chase on the moons of Endor. And now, thanks to science, we might see that technology become a reality.

real life hover bike
Pictured: A scientist ready to live his dream of hunting rebel scum.

The design was originated in the 60s, but because it was constantly rolling over and, presumably, crushing human beings beneath it, the decision was made to scrap the project. But now engineering firm Aerofex has resurected the deisng, adding a system that can respond to its pilot's subtle movements and leanings. Here's a video of the hover bike in action:

It's the grainy, poorly-composed future!

This machine is so cool, and the notion of being able to fly without legit fight training is amazing. But right now, this machine is clearly first generation. I'm excited to see where it goes, especially if, like, Apple bought the tech. Maybe they want to redefine the home flying market much like they did the mobile market. Now that you're thinking of it in technology terms, doesn't this current hover bike just feel like a Windows desktop?

apple hover bike star wars
Soar different.

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