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Art Is All Around Us. Just Look at /r/AccidentalRenaissance

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Call us dorks, but we love a good art museum. Wandering around silently looking at basically the most impressive IG feed ever? What’s not to love? But if we had one critique, it’s that the most classic artistic works are made by and for nobility. Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel, not the roof of a Pizza Hut, you know what we mean? Now, thanks to Reddit, we can take this brush and paint the everyday occurrence with just as much verve. We’re talking /r/AccidentalRenaissance, a subreddit that collects pictures taken at exactly the right time, amounting to a piece of art that could be worth millions.

Which pic gives you chills? What well-timed moment belongs in a museum? Have you ever captured a moment that accidentally felt this powerful? And are there any ultra-specific subreddits we’re missing? Share all of this and more with us on Twitter, where every Tweet is a chiaroscuro depiction of hellfire.