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Ashton Kutcher To Play Steve Jobs In Biopic???

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There is no greater way to honor a man's memory than an unauthorized biopic. And there is no greater actor to honor that man's memory that Ashton Kutcher. 



Steve Jobs, in his grave, turning.


Ashton Kutcher's acting ouvre is without question, the greatest and most storied in modern film. With lead roles in such classics as "What Happens In Vegas," "Dude, Where's My Car," "Miss Guided," "Boog And Elliot's Midnight Bun Run," and the only film ever to receive a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes: "F*cktard Loses His Keys Up His Own *sshole," it was only a matter of time before Ashton was asked to take on the challening role of the mysterious computer magnate.



Classic after class, Ashton can't stop starring in  classics.


Steve Jobs contributed a great deal to society, for good or for ill, with his Apple company. Providing a vicious and extraordinary competitor for microsoft, and forcing the hand of computer technology to evolve at a rapid pace. Adding both fantastic computing devices to our lives, and to the heartache and pain of millions around the world paid low wages over horrendous hours to put the products together, Jobs' legacy is felt over the whole human race, and his personal story is no less complicated, and potent.



Pictured here: Steve Jobs changing the world.


Ashton Kutcher is an actor who is attractive, produces reality shows that appeal to the lowest common denominator, and he was voted "Most Likely To Be Buried Wearing A Pukka Shell Necklace," by  People Magazine.



Typical Ashton Kutcher.


Kutcher will take on the role during a hiatus from his popular televsion series "Two And A Half Men," a role that he took over from another respected actor, one Charlton Sheen. In the series Ashton play Gomorrha, a blind rodeo clown whose homosexuality has prevented him from making real human connections in the small, prejudiced mountain town where he grew up.



A scene from the brilliant and popular TV series Two And A Half Men


It should be noted here that I have not actually seen Two And A Half Men.



What other challening roles should Ashton Kutcher take on next? Let us know in the comments!


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