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‘The Avengers’ Breaks Box-Office Records!

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Over the weekend, Marvel's superhero ensemble film "The Avengers" came roaring out the gate with an impressive 200.3 million dollar opening in the United States. This confirms everyone's suspicions that while Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, and the Hulk were just a hot line.

avengers group
Pictured: a hot song.

This box-office total surpasses even the Harry Potter finale's opening weekend, which is a huge feat if you live in Los Angeles and remember the insane amount of marketing that went into that film. For instance, this its the view out of my apartment today:

view from my apartment

And this was the view out of my apartment last July:

potter ad by my apartment

And this astonishing figure doesn't even account for The Avengers' worldwide box-office total, which is currently sitting at 641.8 million. Why is it higher than its domestic total if it's only been out for a single weekend? Well, somehow The Avengers was released in Europe 6 days earlier than in America. Which is pure madness— the film features a character called Captain America.

captain america is american
Enjoy this you French bastards.

And The Avengers is only half of the amazing comic book movies coming out this summer as we still have The Dark Knight Rises to look forward to in July. It'll be interesting to see if the family friendly and playful Avengers can out-do the dark, brooding Christopher Nolan Batman, especially considering that The Dark Knight previously held the opening box office weekend record. It is insane that we're getting TWO enormous superhero movies this summer. And— oh now this is interesting— the biggest opening weekend box office before The Dark Knight? Spider-Man 3. I remember that movie. When do you think we'll get a new Spider-Man movie?

sad spider-man
In any event I'm so stoked to see if Bane is going to break Batman's back!

Did you see The Avengers? Obviously the answer to that is yes. But what did you think? Let me know on Twitter or leave a comment below!


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