The Babadook is Now a Gay Icon and People Are Here For It

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The Babadook has long been a meme-worthy figure whose popularity as a character far exceeded the popularity of the 2014 horror movie. But this week the legend of the Babadook took an unexpected turn. Although the rumor has existed for close to a year, this week, just in time for Pride Month, the Babdook officially became a queer icon. Hey, I’ll take anything that brings joy in this day and age. And people are LIVING for gay Babadook. But how did it all start?

One of the first posts to take off with the idea was this Tumblr one:

What started off as a single thought quickly expanded beyond Tumblr and created a lively debate between true believers and skeptics.

This meme definitely had a slow burn but the evidence quickly piled up. Adding much fuel to the fire was this when the movie was categorized like this on Netflix:

But with all the speculation and trolling about the Babadook’s sexuality, things really came to a head when the following tweet was posted and really took off.

The Gay Babadook meme floodgates opened and people started providing even more evidence that Gay Babadook was real:

And to make it even more officially official, Babadooks have been spotted this weekend at Pride celebrations:

He’s quickly become so beloved in fact, people are already fearing his demise:

Oh, and Happy Pride!