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Baby Tattooed On The Butt

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This man tattooed a baby on the butt, and it wasn’t even his own child. He got as far as the outline of an A when the mother came back to discover what he had done.

He thought it would be a good idea to put the name of the baby on its butt, and anyone who thinks that’s a good idea has some serious problems. Did he really think the mom would come back and be like, “Oh snap that looks tight.”

I’m pretty disappointed in the mother also, you can’t be leaving your baby with a mentally challenged man. Something a lot worse could have happened, if this man was dumb enough to tattoo a baby I imagine he’s the kind of guy that would come up with other dangerous things to do to a baby.. such as playing catch with it or letting it test out light sockets with a fork.

Luckily for her something even more dangerous didn’t cross his mind. In the end it is this man’s fault, I’m guessing he was drinking or on some sort of drugs, that’s the only way I can explain to myself how this could happen.

So now thanks to this man, this baby girl has to grow up to be a woman with an A tattooed on her ass, and when someone asks where it came from she can tell them that when she was a baby her mom left her with a drugged up insane man.

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