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Bad Fashions We Should All Stop Wearing

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Fashion trends come and go and let's be honest, we often look back at the crap we use to wear and wonder, "What was I thinking?" That's how I feel about a couple of the current fashion trends, and I want to save you the "What was I thinking?" moment in your future.



Ed Hardy creates some of the ugliest, most unoriginal clothing you will ever see. Perfect for frat boys, and those fake weekend bikers who drive BMW's all week, and then take their trophy girlfriends for a ride on the shiny, over priced, under used Harley that normally sits in their garage.


You would have thought that this ridiculous trend of wearing ugly bedazzled shirts and hoodies covered in garish splatter paint designs would have died out by now, but it hasn’t. It's like, if you're too much of a wuss to get a REAL tattoo, you can buy over priced clothing with bad fake tattoos on it.

Jon Gossling may as well be the spokesperson for Ed Hardey. That just goes to show you what kind of vapid, empty vessel would actually wear Ed Hardy clothing. Not even this fart chugger lining up with the brand has been able to kill it off.


I thought we had all agreed that the fad of putting ugly bedazzled crap on denim and other fabrics was out of style in the 80’s.


But now they’re even making this d-bag couture in kids’ sizes. It's not bad enough that unthinking, unoriginal adults wear the stuff… they have to cover their kids in it as well.

I'm pretty sure that someone could report this as child abuse.



I know, I know… you're going to say, "But my Ugg boots are so comfortable." And they are.

Ugg boots serve a purpose. They are actually made for surfers and snowboarders to have something to shove on their feet when they get out of the water, or off the slopes to keep warm. They're not pretty, but they are designed to withstand freezing sub-zero temperatures. If you're in the snow, or out surfing at 6am I totally get it.


But don't wear them to the mall for God's sake!

The problem is that women actually leave the house wearing these things, thinking that they look like super hot and sexy models on the go. But they don’t. They look like someone who woke up too late for their Pilates class and who probably skipped their morning shower, and all I can think about is how bad their feet must stink.


They're also the official uniform of old cougary celebrities from the 90’s and 00’s who used to be hot, but who nobody wants to get with anymore.


And, pretentious trust fund snobs who travel around the world carrying overpriced luggage filled with blood diamonds.


Or, this creepy dude.

These fashion trends must be stopped.


However, if you found this article wrong and completely offensive, you’re in luck! Ed Hardy is now making Ugg boots of their very own. Have fun sweating your creepy bedazzled feet off.


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