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Badass Animal Parkour Videos

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Animals don't have to spend long hours training to be Parkour Kings Of The Jungle. They're just born badass. Here are some badass animal parkour videos. They should all get a cartoon show together called The Parkournimals. And just to prove how badass animals are, we included one video of human parkour fails. Enjoy!


Tret the Ukrainian Parkour Dog


Fearless Parkour Cats


Spanish Monkey Parkour NSFW


Parkour Gibbon Teases Some Tigers


Puma Fence Parkour


Rosie The Freerunning Dog


Front Porch Squirrel Parkour


Roxy the Hawaiian Parkour Dog


Funny Cat Parkour Compilation


Insane Mountain Goats Jump Down A Mountain


What other animals do you want to see doing parkour? Let me know @zachlunch or tell us in the comments!


Incredibly Badass Bike Parkour!!