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Barbie To Make Kardashian Dolls?

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It's being reported by US Weekly that Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe will be made into Barbies to be sol to impressionable little girls everywhere!

"Sorry Dr. Sally Ride, first woman in space. We'll get to your Barbie once we make it through all the porn stars and fashion designers.""

So at this point the dolls are basically confirmed, with US weekly claiming that the dolls will be modeled after the actual measurements of the Kardashians. Therefore, you can expect Kim and Kourtney to be roughly Barbie sized and Khloe to come in a box the size of an Ikea entertainment center.

Some assembly required.

Those working on the dollas at Mattel have been refering to them as "Dash dolls" because the Kardashians have a clothing line called "Dash". And why the the Hell wouldn't they? They're not the type to really roll up their sleeves and work on a name that could be memorable. They're just going to start saying their name and give up halfway through.

"I'm tired. Let's go to Cabo."

Kim Kardashian was playing coy about the doll situation during the holidays by tweeting at, ahem, Barbie. Kim asked Barbie what Ken got her for Christmas, displaying her knowledge of other proper nouns associated with the Barbie universe, and Barbie tweeted back "Happy Doll-idays", a joke Kim was in no way capable of understanding.

"Um, it's pronounced holidays."

You know, I do feel like I've been a little harsh on the Kardashians throughout this article. I should try and be better about that in the future. I do not want Khloe to hear about this.

I spend most of my time in Skyrim avoiding Khloe Kardashian.

Ohh, I hope they don't sell out of Khloe! Let us knw which Karashian Barbie you want most in the comments!

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