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7 Beauty Trends So Weird They Might Be Awesome

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We’re in a new, bold era of beauty trends. The natural look is basically dead. No longer does makeup need to accentuate the features you already have, so go ahead and draw on entirely new ones! Your looks are no longer confined by your genes, just your makeup skill. Here are seven beauty trends so weird they might be awesome.

1. Fake freckles

Yep, this is a thing. I have spent years covering up my freckles with foundation and now people are drawing them on. I think freckles are cute so I’m pretty excited about this one, and pumped that I don’t even need to fake them because I already have big nattys. Uhhh…

2. Nose contouring

Contouring is a long-standing makeup technique that’s been gaining mainstream attention for several years now, but I feel like it’s truly reaching a whole new level. People are going ahead and creating whole new noses for themselves. I had no idea this sorcery was possible.

3. Glitter roots

This is insane. We are living in the Jetsons. This hairstyle is weird, and yet also very cute. I don’t think I have the buns to pull it off (pun intended), but it’s cool that hairstyles are becoming so adventurous.

4. Fake eye bags

That’s right, you can draw extra eye bags on yourself. Aegyo sal originated in Korea from the idea that having a little puffiness under your eyes makes you look younger and makes your eyes look bigger. Does it actually do that? I don’t know. But I love that it’s a thing.

5. Brushing your eyebrows up

All right, I’ll admit it. I just figured this one out. I wondered how some people make their eyebrows look so huge before I realized they were brushing the hairs up, instead of out. I started doing it even though it felt a little crazy at first and now my eyebrows are like twice as big. And it’s 2017 so that’s a good thing now.

6. Microblading

Yes, more eyebrow stuff. This is life now. Microblading sounds like some type of shaving (I genuinely thought that’s what it was until recently), but it’s actually a type of temporary tattoo for your eyebrow hairs. Like, someone will tat individual brow hairs on you that will last for a year or two. But if skinny eyebrows come back in style, you’re screwed.

7. Blue lipstick

Kylie lip kits come in blue and most major drugstore makeup brands have at least one blue lipstick color. It’s official — blue lipstick is a thing. And it’s pretty fun, too. I have a light blue liquid lipstick that so far I haven’t worn out of the house, but when I have it on, I feel cool as f*ck.

I just think it’s neat that we’re seeing some new boundary-pushing ideas in beauty. I guess that’s an unintended effect of having seven million beauty YouTubers trying to one-up each other. Are there any weird beauty trends you like? Tweet at me and let me know @erikaheidewald!