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8 Reasons Being on a Group Text Is the WORST

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Group texts are everyone’s worst nightmare. The very idea of being included on a group text is enough to cause a wave of dread in even the bravest of souls. Text messages can give you so much anxiety! Here are all the ways a group text is more obnoxious than glitter.

You Get Bombarded with B.S. Messages

harry potter owl letters

You will get texted “great”, “excited”, “can’t wait”, and the can-can dancer emoji by 30 different people for an hour straight. And the most tragic part of it all is that there are people saying they can’t wait can probably wait. They’re not excited as those 17 exclamations would imply. It’s all a facade — a facade that blows up your phone nonstop.

You Sit Through Side Conversations

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Inevitably, two people in the group text will start talking exclusively with each other. Except their conversation stays within the group text. If only there were a way for two people to text each other without everyone else in the group being notified!

They’re Completely Pointless

tom hanks group text

At one point, the group text had a point. But they quickly spiral into a random stream of conscious between six people. All group texts eventually become a random mess of emojis, confetti bursts, and drama. It’s the natural life cycle of a group text. And you have to receive all of it.

Someone Always Gets Left Out

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There’s always one weirdo who doesn’t have an iPhone and messes up the whole chain. Either they end up only texting one person instead of the whole group, or they just get left off altogether. But you know what? If you don’t have an iPhone, you’re bringing it on yourself.

There’s Always a Mystery Person

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What area code is 613 and why is someone texting you from it? And why do they act like they know you so well? You know you don’t know them. Their identity is one of the greatest mysteries of all time. That said, the moment you realize you will never find out who this person is is the moment you can finally feel free.

Drama Happens When You Can Never Respond

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Group texts and drama go together like peanut butter and even more peanut butter. There’s no way you can have a group text happen without some kind of drama. And it’s always, always when you can’t get to your phone and respond to it. And when you finally can, it’s too late, because the sh*t has hit the fan and is splattered all over the room.

They Wake You Up

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You will get a string of texts at 2 AM that will wake you up, and then keep you up, because for some reason it is vital Kelly tell you who you she wants to sit next to during the Britney concert. She’s not even buying the tickets. She just needs you to know ASAP. There’s no rest for the wicked and/ or someone who’s on a group text.

You Don’t Know How to Quit Them

brokeback mountain quit you group text

If someone could tell me how to leave this group text that I’m in, that would be great. There’s no way to exit without being rude. That’s the curse of the group text.

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