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Bernie Sanders Just Quoted Cardi B on Twitter, Says “She’s Right”

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When you think of “opposites that work great together”, a lot of thoughts probably come to mind: peanut butter and jelly, Pinky and The Brain, the “Distracted Boyfriend” meme and 18th century, etc. But a new opposites just entered the game as the GOAT of opposites, and the internet is LIVING FOR THEM: Senator Bernie Sanders, and rapper Cardi B.

As you can see, Senator Sanders took to Twitter to QUOTE Cardi B on politics, agreeing with some recent comments she made to GQ about her love of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and the New Deal and the Social Security Act he signed into law in 1935. Arguably, no truer words were ever spoken by a politician than, “Cardi B is right”, and the internet agrees…

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