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6 Best Old School Disney Channel Original Movies!

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Sure, in recent years they claim ownership to High school Musical, Camp Rock and Geek Charming, but just like a fine wine, a yummy cheese or a delicious grandma, Disney Channel Original Movies are better with age. NOTHING beats an old school DOM. Here are the top 6 old school Disney Channel Original Movies. Hello nostalgia.


1. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

disney original zenon


I miss my Supernova girl. She really did made my heart go boom boom boom. Mainly because she made the future (Aka 2049 , a little over 35 years from now , THATS NOT THAT LONG OMGOMGOMG) seem WAY amazing. I mean she talks to Nebula Wade on a Video Tablet , WHOA!!!!!! I wonder when we will get those!! And her clothes were to die. Rachel Zoe would have been going Bananas over them, but the days of Zenon were B.R.Z (before Rachel Zoe). This movie also sports quintessential, darling Disney morals of accepting others, looking past initial differences and stupid parents. Don’t we all just want to go back in time to the days Zenon was on and then forward in time to the time the movie was set and then go to present time to get popcorn and then forward in time again to see Microbe?? I know I do! Until then we will just have to settle for One Direction.


2. Wish Upon A Star

disney original wish


Be careful what you wish for. Or, maybe, just don’t make your wishes SO specific. I wish I may, I wish I might, become my sister for a night? That’s too specific to NOT come true. I mean , how about you take just one astronomy class. Despite this, and I’m being totally honest, this is the best movie ever made ever ever and not in an ironic way. IN AN HONEST EARNEST one. In an I’m-about-to-search-this-DVD-on-e-bay one. “Wish Upon A Star” is “Freaky Friday” but with sisters instead of mom/daughter, stars instead of fortune cookies, and Katherine Heigl instead of , who even cares , it’s Katherine Heigl! Oh let me clarify–this is pre-questionable career decisions Katherine Heigl. It really is joyful and fun watching these different sisters stuck in each others bodies, trying to sabotage each others lives. It’s light, spunky and makes me think about how AMAZING the first two seasons of Grey’s Anatomy were. E-bay, I’m coming for you. 


3. Johnny Tsunami

disney original Johnny


Surfboards. Snowboards. Hawaii. Vermont. Social class divisions. Fights over Zenon. Wise Grandpas. The famous Jett Jackson. Familial Medals. RING A BELL? Well, let me tell you– IT HOLDS UP.


4. The Color of Friendship

disney original friendship


Who said Apartheid can’t be fun? Everyone. Because it’s actually a very sad event in History that should be handled with care and maturity. Enter Mickey Mouse! Disney actually does a really nice job making an educational movie that kids (ME) enjoyed watching. It handled racial divisions, social divisions, exchange students (honestly , yikes) and once again, STUPID parents (Mahree’s dad is quite literally the worst). Some people found it to be too educational, but those people are currently unemployed and unsuccessful, so good for them! When Mehree returns to South Africa an enlightened girl and shows Flora, her African American maid, the freedom flag she had sewn into her coat , it is very moving. NO I AM NOT CRYING IN THE MIDDLE OF 8TH GRADE S.S. NO, I AM NOT. It is probably the most important DOM out there. I saw this movie in 8th grade and one thing has stuck with me ever since. I remember watching and thinking, “Wow that’s incredible. There really isn’t anything chocolate cake and french fries can’t fix”.


5. Susie Q

disney original susie


No, this is not Scooby Doo. Susie Q is way scarier. And while we are on this, can you guys please take more consideration when you are reading my articles. Scooby Doo for Susie Q?? I mean , come on. But, honestly though, Susie Q was so scary! It’s literally about two teenage ghosts that had died in the 50’s in a drunk driving accident on the way to a school dance. Um..what? As if there weren’t enough things to dread about prom! Now, I have to worry about dying on my way?? On top of the gone-too-soon deaths, Quinn (the dearly departed) ghost protocols herself to the future (AKA MY PRESENT DAY) where she haunts a boy into helping her. Umm , WHAT? Are you telling me on top of making it through class, I have to worry about teenage ghosts?? ON TOP OF THAT, once you get over the dead teenager, she realizes her forever grieving parents may get kicked out of their house. UMMM , WHAAAA? On top of fearing addiction which is a new fear that I just acquired from the drunk driving aspect of this movie, I NOW have to worry about EVICTION?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? “Susie Q”, at the time, was really exciting, thrilling and mature. It was the kind of scary that mixed real world fears with paranormal fears. Something scary for everyone! But, I happen to like scary movies followed by a month of sleeping on a sleeping bag in my parents room.


6. Smart House

disney original house


Scratch everything I said in #5. THIS is a scary movie. A robot house that takes over your existence and traps you in? Parental Dating? Holograms that aren’t Tupac? Lame synchronized dances to boy bands? Losing your sweater at a party?? “Smart House” should be listed under the “Horror”section of Netflix. Dang, I really wish it was on Netflix. Watching a house self clean, make strawberry smoothies then take full control of everyone’s life was exciting, scary, futuristic, exciting, scary, scary and scary. The only thing it was missing was supernova girl. When typing this, I accidentally misspelled it to “Shart House”. WHOA. That would be quite a sequel. Slam Dunk THAT Funk.


Which old-school DOM do you miss the most? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below!

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